Support for school construction and education

Proceeds from the brand will be used to fund the construction and education of schools for children in the Philippines and Cambodia.

Current status of schools and education in the Philippines and Cambodia

Countries with lower-than-average levels of economic development levels than developed countries are called developing countries. Currently there are 11 countries that falls under this classification, such as the Philippines and Cambodia. These two countries are located in Southeast Asia, close to Japan. 

The economies of these developing countries are growing rapidly, but the state of youth education still proves to be an ongoing issue.

Due to the lack of facilities, educators, education resources, and transportation/access to schools, many children in developing countries cannot afford to receive the education they so desperately need and deserve.

Sm point wants to help make a positive change in this really important area.

We  contribute a portion of our sales to directly support the education children in the Philippines and Cambodia.