Donation of our products

Sm . パーカー

We will use the proceeds from the brand to donate Sm point Kid's products to children living in the Philippines and Cambodia.

The current state of children in the Philippines and Cambodia

 In economically disadvantaged countries such as the Philippines and Cambodia, the environment in which a child was born greatly determines the quality of life they will lead.

This is the harsh reality for children born in an economically disadvantaged  families. These children often become orphans or street children, depending on their level of support and the complex circumstances surrounding their family's household budget. 

Children without a home often have no choice but to work on the streets in order to pay for necessities, such as food and their school tuition.

A majority of these children are forced to wear worn and dirty clothing; some having little to no clothing to wear at all.

Sm point aims to donate clothing to as many of these children as possible and is working tirelessly to improve as many lives as we can.